Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've been tagged!

Barkfoot tagged me. This is the first for this blog. Darlene tagged my What's the Up blog (I haven't forgotten D...! Really! And now that I have the food blog, I'll put the MeMe on that one...)

Five things I was doing 10 years ago.

1) Obsessing about a man I couldn't have.
2) Discovering the Eastern Seaboard.
3) Struggling to find my way back to the Church.
4) Spending a lot of time in doctor's offices getting poked and prodded.
5) Spending far too many weekends drinking and dancing trying to forget about the previously mentioned dude.

Favorite snack food.
1) Quesadillas with PaƱela, avocado and cilantro.
2) Hummus and warm pitas.
3) Stove top popped popcorn drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and tossed with garlic powder, Parmesan and kosher salt.
4) Soft scrambled eggs in a slightly burned flour tortilla with cream cheese and Ortega Chili.
5) Peanut Butter.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire (uh, how about "multi-millinaire?).
1) Enroll in culinary school just for the hell of it.
2) Start and furnish supplies for photography and art programs for children in low income neighborhoods (these programs are endangered and quickly disappearing! They saved me and inspired me when I was young).
3) Open a photo studio complete with test kitchen and shoot just because.
4) Travel.
5) Set my parent's up so they wouldn't have to work anymore.

Five songs I know all the lyrics to.
1) White Flag -- Dido.
2) Words --- Bee Gees
3) Blister in the Sun -- Violent Femmes
4) Martha - Tom Waits
5) Should I Stay or Should I Go? -- The Clash

Five bad habits. (only 5?!)
1) Driving way too fast.
2) Starting projects I don't have time to finish.
3) Screening my calls.
4) Staying up way too late watching bad TV often accompanied by above mentioned crap snack food while blog hopping.
5) Expressing my opinions when they aren't always wanted!

Five things I like to do.
1) Drive way too fast.
2) Sing really loud and off-key while driving way too fast.
3) Driving way too fast up the coast of California (not that this is anything to be proud of but during good weather, I can do San Diego to San Francisco in 9 hours instead of the 11 it should be at speed limit...ah, the beauty of Interstate 5 and "cow-ville") while singing really badly without a game plan as to where I'll end up.
4) Driving up the coast of California while singing really badly without a game plan as to where I'll end up and discovering a cool new scene to photograph.
5) Wine-tasting trips up the coast of California (SD to Napa - 10hrs!).

Five things I will never wear again.
1) My baptismal gown.
2) White go-go boots
3) Plaid.
4) Flash dance style leggings in public (remember those? oui! what were we thinking!?)
5) Spiked heels.

So, I'm s'posed to name five people…But this blog as a photo blog is relatively new and I don't have a whole lotta people reading (and if they are, they aren't commenting) so I'm not gonna necessarily name any...I had a lot more regularly commenting readers when this blog was Fodder... (For those of you who were used to clicking here and finding uncensored confessions and rants of a crazy single Catholic chick muddling through life, I moved Fodder to a different blog and made it invite only…)


  1. "You've come a long way, baby."

    Mmmmmm... popcorn. i love it when it's stove top popped! Have you ever had Cheerios heated up & toasted with a little butter in a frying pan and lightly salted? OMG, it is really good. i learned it from Mr. DC over there on your side of the office. He makes it best!

    Hummus & warm pita! Yummy. Have you tried the four-pack of hummus at Trader Joe's? The tomato-basil and spicy and garlic are terrific and the plain is anything but.

    And mmmmmm... Peanut butter...

    i think you should enroll in culinary school even if you never get to be a multi-millionaire.

    Such a sweet idea for kids... i wish "rich peeps" would spend some of their overabundance of funds to help the children of today.

    And i dream of doing the same thing for my parents... and getting them a built-in-the-ground jacuzzi!

    That Dido song is so emotional... i love her song "Thank You"

    Tom Waits... a National City dude! Have you heard "Big in Japan" - such a cool tune.

    Your habits sound a lot like mine, minus the TV watching!

    i laughed at your five things you like to do... i don't drive too fast but i know that trip! The first time i did it, i had just adopted my deaf dog one week earlier and we (well, me - she sat in the back with the windows down) drove up all the way to Tacoma together up the 5 and back down on the 101 and 1. It was amazing.

    One thing i can say that i appreciate about my lack of fashion sense and how i never have worn anything "in style" is that i never wore those leggings nor got into that Madonna torn hose/bra-outside-the-shirt outfits... tho Jennifer Beals looked hot in the former and only Madonna could pull off the latter.

    You had spiked heels? Wow! i can't even wobble safely in regular high heels...

    And i still wear plaid. :o) i figure as long as that musical "Forever Plaid" is still around, i'm OK.

    Loved this post, nice to find out more about you. And glad you aren't having to spend as much time getting poked and prodded in doctors' offices.

  2. Nice to hear someone else likes to drive fast just for the hell of it. Mind you we don't all have Mustangs do we? Used to have plenty of fun trips to the coast in a friends Corvette, but 80% tax on fuel and mean spirited Gatsos put pay to that. It's not quite the same in a 'teapot' hatchback!

  3. This was wonderful reading! You really get to know something more about a person! I enjoyed this! Your favorite snacks sounds yum-O!

    The millionaire question was a hoot for me to answer.. I mean come on, we live in California! How far is a mill going to go?



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