Monday, July 23, 2007

Where did the time go???

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted a photo here. Other than food photography, I haven't been out with my camera in far too long. Next weekend I am determined to make it out for a drive or a walk camera in hand to see what ever I might "see." In the meantime...

Santa Barbara, California


  1. Time does get away from us... always.

    Beautiful photo! I love the colors in this one.

  2. Great contrast in colours! Another stunning shot, photogirl.

  3. Looking forward to you taking a wander and seeing some more of your great photos.

  4. Angela Marie~ Thank you so much for stopping by again! I find the older I get, the more on my plate, the quicker time slips my grasp. Good intentions.

    Thank you for your support and encouragement!

    Gosh, still raining? Loved those kayaking shots. :) Hey, I'm supposing in your meme by Photogirl you meant me… So I'm gonna get to that in the next day or so. Certainly enjoyed reading your answers…

    Have a great week everyone!



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