Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Portrait Session no.1

My sis and her boys…This lightened the mood. My brother-in-law is career military and got the boys to walk in cadence. 

I am quite partial to this shot. The thick sterling chain and cross my nephew is wearing pops in the black and whites and I think adds to the story.

I love my sister's body language here. And Little Zach playing the tough one like his older step-brother I think is adorable.

I think I like the black and white vibe better than the color one.

Finally! A moment! 

Portrait sessions with a group can always be a bit of a challenge but I really enjoy them. Especially when the client is excited and can't decide on which shot to enlarge. That's when you know you hit the mark.

My step-nephew was in visiting over his Christmas break. My brother-in-law really wanted a family portrait so my sister coordinated schedules and we met up at Balboa Park. My nephew isn't big on sitting for me the way he did pre-teen era.  The only one to really catch his essence was this last photo when his guard was down. I was changing lenses so I  was just able to pop off one frame. He can be quite the jokester and has an incredible smile…EXCEPT when there's a camera in his face. But he laughed and I think had a good time despite himself. 

I think they all did and I love when that happens.

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