Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CHECK IT OUT: Camera themed finds

I was trolling Etsy and other online venues last week looking for camera bags and inexpensive vintage cameras (to use for TTV use). My search helped me find some lovely items.

First off, let me say that I've been searching for the perfect camera bag for years with some almosts and several no ways found and purchased along the way. Lately, my obsession has focused on a kind of messenger bag with a camera insert. I found two I liked: this awesome Shootsac from Jessica Claire and the Tenba.

The Shootsac is a lens bag, meaning that your camera won't fit in it. It holds lenses. Check out the video on the above link. I still want a Shootsac, specifically for live location shoots where I'll have my camera out in my hands the entire time. But right now, it's a little out of my price range.

The Tenba had a lot of what I wanted but, gosh darn! if it isn't butt ugly. It's so not feminine... and people in the know will recognize the name as a a camera bag so it won't do as well of a job camouflaging it's contents as I would prefer.

I currently have several camera bags, two of which I use the most: a backpack with a honking Tamrac logo across the front that fits a camera with lens attached and two lenses, flash head, accesories, etc. and one like this only mine is brown vinyl that holds a camera with medium lens attached and one extra lens and flash head. However, both kinda scream "I'm a camera bag. Steal me."

I found this over on Etsy. I couldn't help myself. And yay! It arrived this week.

I love it! It's the perfect size: it's compact, fashionable and VERY well constructed. My 5D with my 50 1.4 attached fits in the center, my 24-135 L lens fits in one pocket and the other pocket holds my 3 lensbabies. In my perfect world, there'd be a zippered pocket on the back to hold cash, and i.d. so I wouldn't need to worry about pockets on a location shoot. But that's minor. The bag is lovely.

These are more of my favorite Etsy finds that I'd love to pick up:

This set of four vintage camera coasters from revelry.

I shoot Canon Digital now but I still have an old Nikon F2 film camera and love this red version charm necklace. It is so adorable! Find here at luv4sam on Etsy.

So cool! A lovely eco-friendly canvas tote from thecraftpantry.

And lastly…for now anyway…

From Chenzi, this lovely camera and hand-stamped charm necklace on sterling silver chain is definitely winner!

Ok, that's it for this installment of CHECK IT OUT. Hope everyone is having a great week. 

Until next time and remember, when you can, support independent artists and buy handmade


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