Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CHECK IT OUT :: Leather cuffs

When I was in grade school, Wonder Woman starring Linda Carter was a huge hit. My family watched it together every week. I enjoyed the show and loved seeing a bad ass woman kicking some butt every week... I especially coveted the cuffs she wore. My best girl friend and I would parade around wearing our homemade paper ones and spend the afternoon "deflecting bullets."

From that point on, the the pursuit for the perfect cuff was in full swing.

Fast forward to today and my search has brought me these lovelies and I can hardly wait to get my hands on them. From great dyes, to wonderful tool work, to the added bling of precious metals, I heart them all.

Piece of Peace Wrap LEATHER Cuff Black, Turquoise from hollyhawk $25

Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff from nettiekent $128


Wide Leather Wristband - Floral Vine - Brown from aosLeather $18

Sweet Heart Recycled Leather Cuff from TocadoraLeather $17.50

(NOTE: all photos are the property of their respective Etsy shop owners.)

Hope you enjoy these. Check out the Etsy shops and let me know if you find something that you love too...

My parting thought, what childhood icon inspired or influenced you? 

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Until next time,
Ani :)


  1. Great Hera!! lol - I love your Wonder-Woman story - can totally see the image you paint of mini-wonders in handmade mini-cuffs!! Thanks for featuring my Floral Vine cuff in CHECK IT OUT - nicely done article with many cool cuffs!! :-D

  2. You are most welcome! I love them so much! I'd love to pick 'em up one by one as I can afford them. I tried taking a tooling class but my schedule at the newspaper became so erratic that I missed a few classes in a row and had to drop out. :(

  3. It's true, you feel empowered wearing a cuff... Thanks for including my Soaring Birds design!



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