Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh yeah baby!

Finally! She's all mine. 
I've been without a usable desktop computer for sometime now. Most of my work the last three years has been done on a first generation 15" MacBook Pro. Which I still love. But it's not the easiest task doing all the design and photo work I need to do on such a teeny screen. Collapsing palates constantly so I can see my workspace gets old. Not to mention the fact that my little 100GB hard drive is full up! Even trying to back up as much as possible to my external drive, as a photographer with a Canon 5D shooting RAW, it ain't pretty. Trust me. 

I also have a second generation 466 GHz G4 that is still running Panther because it doesn't have a DVD drive. Panther was the last Mac OS to still come on CD. It has a whooping 20GB hard drive. I use it now mostly as a remote server for text documents and archived backups.

I recently went on vacation. I was on the road for nearly a week. We visited several California beach communities and four of the historic Missions on the California mission trail. I shot RAW with the 5D. Filled up my 8GB CF card. Got well into my second 2GB CF card. I am down to 6GB of hard disk space on the MBP. See my frustration? I had to take the CF's over to my Auntie's house to use her brand new MacMini to transfer the files off the cards and onto two DVDs so I could use the cards for other projects. Those DVDs are still sitting on my work desk waiting to be edited. 

I have also turned down a few design and photo jobs over the last few months because I knew I couldn't process the work. 

Until now.

I brought home my new 27" Quad-Core Friday afternoon. Ok, so yeah, it's still sitting on the floor in my living room in it's pretty box. But that's beside the point. Because it has started a domino effect. I have to re-organize my studio in order to create a workspace for my new toy. I'm currently sitting on my couch in my living room surrounded by boxes of items that are starting to migrate out of the spare bedroom I use as my studio. Must start with a fresh cleared room in order to rethink the space after all. So that's my task this Saturday morning and afternoon... Clearing out the studio, setting up my work space. And maybe, just maybe, editing an image or two...
Speaking of editing. Any photogs out there have a preference between Apples's Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom? I can't decide but before I start importing photos to my new pretty lady, I want to have a photo management system in place. I've seen videos on both and can't decide which to get. Your comments on preference and why you prefer either will be most appreciated! 

Namasté! Until next time...


  1. Oh yay. Congrats!

  2. Thanks D! :) I'm sooooo excited. Just gotta make room for it still. LOL



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