Saturday, June 19, 2010

DAILY ELPH #005:: Don't discount snappies and window light!


This was breakfast this morning. Quite tasty. I posted the simple berry syrup on my food blog today.

It's been a while since I posted anything for my not so daily Daily Elph and I wanted to share, especially with food bloggers out there just starting out, that it's not always how expensive the camera is but how you use it.

This was shot with my Canon PowerShot SD850IS Digital Elph using the macro setting. It was about 7am, I had my set up about 3ft from my north facing window with the blinds open so the light came in from camera right, I had a mirror behind and to the left of camera to fill in from behind and I had another small white card reflector below the camera lens in the front of the set. Before placing the waffles on the set, I placed a sheet of white paper down on the "table", filled my viewfinder with it, snapped it and used the shot to set a custom white balance for the scene. Then I removed the paper, set down my waffles and snapped away. The entire shoot time including set up was 5 minutes. Five minutes! Setting up my Alien Bees to shoot this would have extended this shoot time to at least 45 min to set up and break down. I was able to eat my breakfast while it was still warm and my coffee still steaming!


Sometimes, it's perfectly OK to KISS and tell. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Until next time,

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