Saturday, October 09, 2010

{Life with a Dog #20} Before and after: I took in a mutt and got back a cocker spaniel puppy

This is Starbuck Labor Day weekend. She's gotten a bit bigger and a bit shaggier since I got her back at the end of July. This entire time, I had to keep trying to convince people that yes, indeed, she is an American cocker spaniel.

"She looks like she has poodle in her," they'd say.

"She has to be mixed," they insisted.

Well, there's no mistaking it now.

Tah' dah!

Star got her first Cocker "puppy cut" today and just in time as our hot october weather has returned. The groomer said she did really great for it being her first time. She just didn't like her paws done. 

I do kinda miss that lioness / Nina Blackwood 1980s moptop hairdo but the cut has made her look smaller and younger and definitely a different kind of cuteness going on. My mom called it her "pixie" look. :)

Ah...hope it's cooler for you now my little girrrrrl.


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