Friday, February 04, 2011

{ Life with a Dog #27 } Here ye! Here ye! I claim this throne.

I used to have a coffee table on my back patio. 

I remember summer evenings, chillaxin' with my feet resting comfortably upon it's perfect height.

I remember arrangements of flower pots and candles on carved wooden bases gracing it's brown rattan top providing ambience for early evening grilling parties.

I remember it fondly. Not so long ago.

Alas, my coffee table is mine no longer.

The Princess Starbuck has entered the castle … 

… and claimed this once beloved furniture as her own.

From atop this once common table, she now lounges comfortably, often dozing off to dream of chasing the local felines with her little paws twitching in their excitement.

And upon this throne, she holds court, awaiting the arrival of her lowly servant to feed her, bathe her, walk her.

Patiently she sits while I document her rule until she can take the intrusion of my camera no longer and gives me her, "Your dismissed" face.

Yes, life is different in the castle now. 

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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