Saturday, March 26, 2011

{ LIfe with a Dog } Buh-bye winter coat! Mama loved you but I HATE brushes!

Here I am thinking we're gonna have fun because Mama let me get up on the patio table. But nooooooo... She wants to take more pictures! Sigh. Here we go again!

The last three trips to get Starbuck trimmed, I opted to start training her cocker spaniel skirt. That's when the top of her back stays short and from mid-way down the side of her is trained to grow longer, with a big fluffy chest and column looking legs. I love the look. But Starbuck HATES to be brushed and I was on the losing end of the battle. In fact, the mats in her arm pits last time were so bad, the groomer shaved them. It wasn't noticeable but it was one less place I had to try to attack with the brush.

Nothing worked. I tried treats, chew toys, food. She couldn't be distracted from the various brushes I tried on her. They all were too enticing and begged for her to mouth and chew and bite them instead of the fun treats before her.

Told the groomer today that I am so over brushing. 

Now, I think it's a little too short but at least it will save us some heartache. Besides, the lovely thing about hair... it grows back. And fast!

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