Friday, July 15, 2011

Farewell to a great gig and as my parting gift? This awesome Spanish Sangria recipe {link love}


Just when I was in dire need of a kick in the behind to dedicate more time to writing, cooking, shooting for my blog, along came and it's initiative to expand their sphere of influence by starting up a Food & Dining Channel. The Channel Leader, the awesomely talented Darlene, approached me about becoming a Featured Contributing Writer for the new site and I was so excited and honored to have been a part of this great bunch of passionate folks. will no longer be devoting energy to this initiative but the site remains up and the recipes still available to inspire you to cook, get healthy and make life a little bit tastier. 


My final story on making this luscious fruity spanish sangria published today. Head on over for the recipe and enjoy it this summer at your next BBQ. 

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